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About Me   How to write a grading paper Writing a certification paper is not difficult if you start this task not a week before certification, but at least a few months. The more time you have to write an FQP, the better.Work on a diploma or dissertation is divided into 3 large stages: preparatory; basic; final. Preparatory stage Before writing the certification work, you have to go through the obligatory official events that are in every university.  At this stage, you need to: choose a teacher; decide on a topic; write a statement at the department. If you started preparing early, you will have the opportunity to choose a teacher yourself. Focus on your scientific interests and your future scientific advisor - they must coincide. Otherwise, you will not find a common language and the work on the WRC will only bring difficulties and misunderstanding. To make it easy and enjoyable to work on your diploma, choose a teacher who: you like; is loyal to you; has sufficient time for scientific guidance; competent in their field of expertise. If you choose a supervisor at the last moment, you will have to work with the one who is left. Often - this is either not a very pleasant person, or - pleasant, but very busy. In any case, it will not be easy to work with him. Therefore, try to carefully prepare for each conversation with such a supervisor and be as friendly as possible. When you have decided under whose leadership you will create the certification work, it's time to decide on the topic.  To choose a topic, answer the questions: what is interesting for you? Where do your scientific interests and your teacher's interests intersect? what topics have you written about before? what won't you get tired of working on for a long time? what area of science do you want to understand? If you have allocated enough time for this little analysis, you will be able to compile a list of topics that will not cause you any discomfort during the preparation of the WRC. Even if the topic turns out to be complex, it will be easy for you to understand it, because: you like this area of science; the teacher is strong in this area and is ready to help; you have a desire to explore and make discoveries in this industry. After you have decided on the topic and the teacher approved it, write an application for the WRC. You will find a sample at the department of the university or from the scientific adviser. Before writing an application, think over the topic again, check with the teacher if you can find enough material to work with - it will not be easy to correct the FQP topic after it has been approved by the dean and rector. The main stage The next stage of preparing the certification work is voluminous in terms of time and effort that will need to be invested. You have to: to make a plan; select sources and literature; write an explanatory note for a diploma or dissertation; write scientific articles (for a dissertation). If you make a good plan, you can make your life a lot easier when writing a WRC. You will know the structure, which will only have to be filled with content. The most important thing is that you will have a clearly built logical sequence of blocks of text and an understanding of what information you need to find and what practical work to carry out. Be sure to show the plan to your supervisor so that he understands if you are moving in the right direction and can adjust the workflow if necessary. When the plan is ready, start working with sources. They can be found in a city or university library, on proven resources on the Internet, as well as in archives and on video hosting sites. Do not hesitate, check with your supervisor at https://editius.com/ what material you can take for work, and what material is already outdated, irrelevant or in doubt. This will eliminate multiple sources at once and save time. After thorough preparation, you can proceed directly to writing the main text of the certification work. You will need to analyze a large layer of theory, and this is not easy to do in one go.To quickly write the text of an explanatory note: set aside 1-2 hours for work; work without distraction, at certain intervals. let yourself rest; switch between activities. Do not forget to show the finished parts of the work to the supervisor at https://www.editius.com/thesis-checker/ so that he can assess how competently you work with sources, correctly operate with concepts and build logical connections. Final stage When the attestation work is written, you have a small, but one of the most significant stages - the defense of the project before the state attestation commission. You need to prepare for this event in order to protect your work with dignity and not worry in vain. To prepare for defense, you have to: write and learn a defense speech; create a project presentation; print the handout. Writing a defense speech will only cause difficulties if you are poorly versed in the topic and are not ready to re-read your work. If you are ready to make the final breakthrough, re-read your FQP several times and follow the plan that we described in detail in the article on preparing a defense speech.Life hacks on defense: drink water to calm down; Snack on nuts or dark chocolate to fuel your brain pre-write the defense speech on the cards in order to have clues; kindly answer the questions of the commission; speak confidently and in a good mood. Before the defense, do not forget to clarify with the teacher the important details: what format the presentation should be and how much time you will have for the defense. It's good if you visit the pre-defense to practice your performance. If you responsibly go through all the stages of writing the certification work, your grade will be at least above average. But often students, especially those at work, do not have enough time for such a thorough work. In this case, it is better to order the certification work from professionals at http://editius.com/paper-checker/ who will perform it perfectly and on time. All you have to do is to successfully defend. Educational tourism | TravelDailyNews International How to edit text correctly? | Study Reveals: The Songs That Make You The MOST Productive! - The Dubrovnik Times Alternative education using technologies How music impacts on our brain and mood? - That Eric Alper

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