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    • Comment on Access on July 31, 2015

      Thanks, Martin, for leaving the first comment – and it let us add more resources on OA! -Roopika

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    • Comment on Material Conditions on August 10, 2015

      Hey Roopika! I was just referred here by my own website. This page is an amazing resource.

      Sadly, though, my essay is overwhelmingly colonized. The digital natives metaphor needs so badly to be disassembled that “running with the metaphor,” articulating natives with spears as though they’re stuck in a time machine, fills me with a deep sense of shame. But it also makes me overwhelmingly grateful for the fantastic feminists and anti-colonial activists and academics that have helped me grow as a person over the past years.

      Consider this comment a bit of self-reflexivity sorely missing from the original post.


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    • Comment on Material Conditions on November 6, 2021

      … [Trackback]

      […] Read More here: criticaldh.roopikarisam.com/criticaldh/material-conditions/ […]

    • Comment on Material Conditions on November 11, 2020

      […] the outset of my research to answer the questions posed by SJDHP “Material Conditions” pars. 8 and 9, I resolved to be receptive to avenues of inquiry that differed from previously […]

    • […] source material includes Digital_Humanities, The Digital Humanities Manifesto, and a new project on Critical DH and Social Justice, among other texts. (All the sources are linked below.) I’ve thrown all these texts together in […]

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    • Comment on General Comments on November 3, 2021

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    • Comment on Access on July 31, 2015

      Given the social justice focus of the project, I just wanted to draw attention to the work of Stuart Lawson, a Ph.D. student starting with me in September 2015, who will be undertaking a three-year study of the politics of open access, with respect to social justice issues: http://stuartlawson.org/2015/07/working-in-the-open/

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      [a database-driven CMS]

      Just a (probably pedantic) note to say that the use of a database-driven CMS doesn’t necessarily mean that the site will load slowly for the client. It’s possible for a static site to be more resource intensive for the client than a CMS. That said, Jekyll is definitely lighter on the server… Which brings me to a serious point: would it make sense to distinguish between, or at least draw attention to, hosting environment resources and client resources?

  • Matt Applegate

    • I’ve written on Third Cinema and DH as part of a larger project: https://mapplega.com/2016/06/23/a-guerrilla-theory-for-the-digital-humanities-slides/

      This includes a related reading list attentive to decolonial thought + gender!

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    • Comment on Access on April 29, 2021

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